Mobile Efficiency: Laptop Versus Tablet

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How To Keep Your Computer Speedy As It Gets Older

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Five Ways To Take Your Business Paper Free

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The Risks And Benefits Of A Guest WiFi Connection

In today's day and age, everyone wants or needs to be connected to the Internet. Whether a person is at your place of business for a teeth whitening session or eating their favorite club sandwich, the need to be connected is ever present. Here is … [Continue reading]

Cyber Security: How Safe Are You?

In 2017, Equifax, one of the largest credit bureaus in the US, suffered a data breach that exposed the names, Social Security numbers, date of birth, and some driver’s license numbers for 143 million people. An additional 209,000 people also had … [Continue reading]

Browsing The Internet In Safety

Browsing the Internet safely comes with many hurdles. Not all of them are obvious, however. These hurdles are numerous and potentially dangerous, but with the proper knowledge and mindfulness, they can be avoided quite easily. Viruses and … [Continue reading]

Five Keys For Small Business Preventive Security Measures

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Digital Display Boards: For You Or Your Clients

With the advancement of technology, magazine racks and fish tanks have been replaced with phones and tablets. But what if I told you that, instead of your clients or customers paying attention to their phones, they could watch content that you would … [Continue reading]

Is It Time You Had A Failover ISP?

So, you may want to ask – what is a failover ISP? Let’s not over complicate it: it is exactly what it sounds like. A failover ISP is a backup Internet connection through a secondary Internet service provider. This means paying two monthly bills, … [Continue reading]

Yahoo! And The Hack Heard ‘Round The World

In the age of Russian super-hackers and nationwide credit reporting agencies with pitiful security, what could be safe? One thing is for sure – not Yahoo!. In September of 2016, Yahoo! released the news that 500 million accounts were hacked in the … [Continue reading]