What Is The Difference Between Backups And Redundancy?

Modern businesses can generate massive amounts of data in a short period of time. As such, a vital topic of research are ways to project that data. There are two main categories of data protection: redundancy and backups. These two types of data … [Continue reading]

Nine Useful Windows 10 Features You Probably Never Use

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The Ransomware Threat Is Growing – Here’s Why

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Work From Anywhere: How A VPN Can Help You

Work. Most of us have to do it and, typically, we spend around a third of our lives doing it. While you are already dedicating a third of your life to your job, sometimes there is a need to get more work done. The old statement that “there aren’t … [Continue reading]

Attackers Embed Malware In Microsoft Office Documents To Bypass Browser Security

Cyber attacks continue to increase at a rapid rate. In 2016, there were 6,447 software security vulnerabilities found or reported to authorities. In 2017, that number rose to 14,714, more than double the previous year. Halfway through 2018, we are at … [Continue reading]

How Can You Improve Your Online Privacy?

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Time-Saving Tricks for Microsoft Outlook 2016

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Network Security: What Does Your Firewall Do For You?

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53% Of Businesses Have Publicly Exposed Cloud Services

Malware comes in many different forms and is used by hackers in a number of different ways. It can be used to steal information, locate vulnerabilities in your IT systems for a secondary attack, or simply to cause damage. There are countless … [Continue reading]

Google Study Reveals Phishing Attacks Are The Biggest Threat To Web Security

A recent study by Google and UC Berkeley suggests that cyber thieves are successfully stealing 250,000 valid usernames and passwords every week. The study, which was based on 12 months of login and account data that was found on criminal websites … [Continue reading]