53% Of Businesses Have Publicly Exposed Cloud Services

Malware comes in many different forms and is used by hackers in a number of different ways. It can be used to steal information, locate vulnerabilities in your IT systems for a secondary attack, or simply to cause damage. There are countless … [Continue reading]

Google Study Reveals Phishing Attacks Are The Biggest Threat To Web Security

A recent study by Google and UC Berkeley suggests that cyber thieves are successfully stealing 250,000 valid usernames and passwords every week. The study, which was based on 12 months of login and account data that was found on criminal websites … [Continue reading]

The Latest Expansions To Office 365 Will WOW You!

The availability of productivity apps is astounding. Basic word processors that were the desktop staple haven’t been replaced, but have evolved from requiring installation from a CD-ROM to not even requiring a downloaded program file anymore! Yes, … [Continue reading]

Internet Speed Loss: Get What You Pay For

Long gone are the days where you accepted the speed that your dial-up connection allowed. I remember when 56k modems were exciting. I can easily recall my first cable Internet connection. It was a lightning fast 3mbps (megabytes per second, in … [Continue reading]

Ransomware Vs Atlanta: How To Protect Your Systems

On March 22, the local government in the city of Atlanta, Georgia experienced a widespread ransomware cyberattack that affected several city applications and devices. Ransomware is a type of malware that takes over a computer and locks out the … [Continue reading]

What Is Data Retention? Why Do I Need It?

If you are in the medical or legal industry, regulations require you to retain data and records for a certain period of time. The data retention process was a little more clear-cut back when it was only files and sheets of papers in brown boxes that … [Continue reading]

Watch Out For This Overlooked Threat In Your Business

With the risk of being hit by hacking, malware, and other forms of cyber-crime so high, most organizations go to great lengths (and expense) to protect their networks and infrastructure. However, one major security risk that’s being overlooked is … [Continue reading]

Stopping Power Surges Before They Reach Your Equipment

We all have some sort of electronic device that we plug into the wall, either to charge the battery or power the device. While these devices are connected to the power source in your home or office, they are being subjected to power surges on a … [Continue reading]

Protect Yourself Against The Phone “Port-Out” Scam

Chances are that you probably haven’t heard of the port-out scam. However, just because it is something that has yet to attract widespread attention doesn’t mean it’s not a threat you should take seriously. Let’s take a look at why. What Is a … [Continue reading]

What Are The Seven Basic Parts Of A Computer?

People usually notice performance issues in their computers after five to six years. When that starts to be the case, a hardware upgrade can be a real boost to both performance and the computer’s lifespan. Where do you even begin when upgrading a … [Continue reading]