A Four-Day Week Doesn’t Mean Four-Day Security

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Are you one of the many companies around the world that’s looking at a four-day working week? Perhaps you’ve already made the leap.

Or, do you find that your team takes more time off during the summer months?

For lots of businesses, it’s never going to work. But those that have tried it have generally found it to be hugely positive. It improves your employees’ experience, making them more loyal, engaged, and productive.

It can help to attract and retain better talent, while improving your brand reputation. And let’s not ignore the cost savings of shutting down the office for an extra day.

But it has to be done right. Forcing people to cram the same amount of work into fewer hours could be a recipe for burnout and exhaustion.

That can lead to corners being cut, which in turn could lead to a cyber security disaster. Even if processes aren’t being intentionally skipped, human error due to a lapse in concentration becomes inevitable. [Continue reading]

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