How Apple’s iPad Is Changing Business

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

In the first 80 days, Apple has sold over three million iPads.

I was one of the people who preordered, and picked mine up the day they were released. You might be thinking this is just the latest trend in gadgets, but hear me out.

I really believe that the iPad and other tablets on the horizon will forever change the way we conduct business. Are you prepared for the change?

The iPad is fun and extremely easy to use. Reports of vision impaired and young children using the tablet have steadily popped up on social media sites ever since the release of the iPad.

What Are People Using It For?
Everything! eBooks, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, note-taking, navigating the web, email and countless other tasks with applications that can be downloaded to the tablet. There are thousands of free applications, and thousands more that sell for just a few dollars.


How does this affect your business?
Connectivity! Three million of your current and potential clients may have this handy, allday battery powered system within their reach and they might use it to research your business. Make sure you can be found, and when you are, capture your audience’s attention.

You can do this by updating your blog, creating captivating Google ads, and creating a social community by responding to tweets and Facebook postings about your company, services and brand.

A ChadWick Martin Bailey study found consumers were up to 67% more likely to recommend or buy products from a company after following it on social networking sites.

What if your company owns an iPad?
Show your consumers that your company is on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Use it to demonstrate your product or show videos about your service. Download apps that make your iPad into a translator or inventory management system. Take notes on it. Update your calendar. The functionalities are endless and quite a deal starting at only $499.