Creating Guest Accounts for Visiting Relatives

The holidays are right upon us and there’s a good chance some of your relatives will want to use your computer while visiting. If you want to give them access but don’t want them viewing your personal files, then you’ll need to set up a guest account. This will give them access to your programs, but not to your personal files. Here’s how…

Click the “Start” button then “Control Panel.” Double-click “User Accounts,” then click the “Guest Account” button. On the next window, click “Turn on the Guest Account.” That’s it! The next time you log on, you’ll be given a choice of your regular accounts or the Guest Account. Just have the in-laws select the Guest Account and your files are safe from their prying eyes.

If they’re really nosy, put a password on your account. Simply go back to the “User Accounts” window and click “Change an Account.” Choose your account, then click “Create a Password.” Enter the password twice, and a hint if you like. Finish by clicking “Create a Password” and repeat the steps for the accounts you want protected.