Goodbye 2020! Here’s How To Boost Productivity In 2021

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

What a year we’ve left behind. Thankfully.

Although we didn’t have control over many of the negatives, there were some positive changes we could implement, especially with our businesses.

Many businesses now have people working from home on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. We’ve seen offices downsize and change. More flexible locations and schedules are being implemented.

As much as no one asked for this, it’s been great to see how many businesses that we work closely with have adapted and become more flexible.

This flexibility often results in a more motivated, engaged workforce who really appreciate the ability to work different hours and often work from home (WFH).

This flexibility is a huge benefit. Especially if you’re looking to hire new people this year. Because what’s the greatest competitive advantage in your business? It’s your people, of course.

We believe that offering flexible working and the choice between WFH and going into the office will help you attract the very best people in your field.

This year is going to be a “buyer’s market” for employers and a great opportunity to take on truly excellent new people.

Of course, along with this comes a responsibility to give everyone the tools and accessibility they need to be able to excel at their roles from wherever they choose to work.

That means you as the business owner need to be on top of issuing the right devices, keeping security tight, and network access open but safe.

After the 2020 lockdowns, hopefully you’ve already got the fundamentals in place. But going forward, it’s as important to offer your team as much IT support in their homes as they get in the office.

What changes could you make to help your team achieve more?

If they were given the right tools:

• Tools to help them make the most of their time
• Tools that complemented what they do
• Tools that simplified processes

… could they get more done in a day? Probably.

And fortunately, we live in an age where there is an app to help you do pretty much anything.

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

The thing is, it’s too easy to get stuck in our ways. Yes, even when it comes to business.

We log into the same software each morning, have the same grumbles about how we wish it did things differently then carry on with our day.

Sometimes, what we need is a new set of eyes. Someone who can stand back and see the simple solutions that we simply can’t.

When something is a habit, it can be difficult to imagine a different way of doing it. Even if that new way is easier, and brings about more benefits – like a more productive team, increased efficiency and better customer satisfaction.

Could we be that new set of eyes for you? We’d like to offer your business a productivity audit.

During this audit, our experts will take a detailed look at your business, what you do and the tools you currently use to do it. We’ll talk to you about how your processes would work in an ideal world and help you to identify the apps or software that can help that to happen.

Before we carry out the review, we’ll need to have a quick video call (no more than 15 minutes) to discuss your business, and to answer any questions you may have.

Visit to book your video call. You can see our calendar there and choose the time and date that suits you best. Or give us a call at (734) 457-5000.