Have A Disaster Recovery Plan? Consider An Update

Much of one’s vital information may be stored digitally that its loss could be potentially devastating.

Although we all know the value of backing information up, it’s often not performed as regularly as it should be, in reality.

Think about how you and your business would cope with a natural disaster or hardware malfunction that wipes all of your precious data. Do you have a plan in place to recover it?

Chances are, you do have a recovery plan: it may be shooting your files into cloud storage or backing your data up periodically on USB drives or other external storage.

While such plans are certainly better than nothing, they may not be the current best choice for your needs.

After all, the potential threats to your data security are constantly changing and growing, and in order to protect yourself and your business files, your disaster recovery (DR) plan needs to evolve, too.

Your computer systems and hardware have also likely evolved since the last time the DR plan was created or updated. These changes can greatly impact the efficacy of your current DR plan.
Just as your software needs occasional updating, your recovery plan also needs periodic tweaking to best protect your data.

Set up a schedule to review and adjust your plan regularly, and always give it some extra care when your business undergoes a significant change. You may even consider testing your current plan to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

The important thing, however, is that your business does make updates to how you intend to deal with disaster, so those hurdles can be overcome with as little headache, downtime, and cost as possible.