How Can Google Plus Benefit Your Business?

Since the recession businesses are looking for more economical ways of advertisement that will generate revenue.

Google Plus will be the perfect business hub for advertisement and customer interactions.

Google Plus is a brand new social networking website that allows you to interact with your friends and followers.

It also supports mobile devices so you can keep your clients up to date on the go. Google Plus is made up of five key features:

The stream is an essential feature to Google Plus; this is where you can share what’s new.

For example, for a retail store this is where you could post the latest sale or upcoming products that your store will be offering soon.

Circles are used to categorize all of your Google Plus friends and followers.

With this you can post updates in your stream and choose which circles can view the update.

So if you have customers that have a membership with you that allow them to receive special offers this would be perfect for that purpose.

You could create different circles and update your stream with coupon codes and only share that update with the circles of your choice.

Huddle is a new way for you to easily stay in touch with your custom¬ers in real time.

With Huddle, you can chat with groups of people or individual users.

For example, if you wanted to provide customer support online you could create huddles for your customers that are in need and as¬sist them in a chat window.

Hangouts are for video chatting with your circles. This can be used to introduce a product.

For example, you can update your stream telling your users to be online at a certain time and you can broadcast video using the Hangout feature.

Or, it can be used for group meet¬ings. For a lot of small businesses it can be hard trying to find space to host a meeting if your building does not have the allotted space available.

With Hangouts everyone will be able to be seen on screen in a video chat session with the main focus on the person who is speaking at the time.

Using +1
If you are familiar with Facebook, this is the same basic feature as the Facebook “like” button. But, there are some added features.

Basically if you like what you see while browsing the web, you can give it a +1.

This also can be a very good marketing tool if you simply tell your customers that if you +1 this update you can give them discounts which will draw more attention to your company’s profile.

Also you will be able to see what others have +1’d which is basically another way of telling someone “Hey check this out.”

If you use all of the features that Google Plus offers you should see an increase in clients and followers in your business.

The more online exposure that your business has, it is more likely you will come up first in web searches.

Google Plus is still in its beta stage which unfortunately is invite only.

There has not been a date set for its release but when it arrives I encourage you to sign up as soon as it launches.