Local Community Action Agency Says “Our Network Is Running Better Than Ever Now!”

MCOP Counts on Tech Experts For A Problem-Free Network

Monroe County Opportunity Program (MCOP) is one of Monroe County’s most successful community action agencies, serving thousands of residents every year. The agency relies on Tech Experts to keep their computers and network problem-free.

Founded in 1965, MCOP’s mission is “To enhance the quality of life and reduce the effects of poverty by providing opportunities, services, and collaborating with community agencies to foster self-sufficiency.”

They do this by administering programs such as Homeless Prevention, Homebuyer Rehab, Weatherization, Specialized Transportation, Utility Assistance, Food Programs and assistance for Seniors with lawn mowing, home making, unmet needs and resource advocacy.The agency uses computers and technology extensively on a day to day basis.

“We use Microsoft Office applications for spreadsheets, presentations and word processing,” explained Larry Hansen, MCOP’s fiscal director. “MCOP also uses a specialized software package, designed just for non-profit agencies, for general ledger, payroll accounts payable, etc.”

“Also as a nonprofit serving the low income population, MCOP uses an in-house Client Tracking software program,” Larry continued. “We also access web based systems that are utilized by various agencies within the community. These are communication tools that are required by the government agencies that provide MCOP’s funding.”

When it came time to upgrade MCOP’s network, Technology Experts installed a Microsoft Windows 2003 Server system along with Windows Terminal Services. Terminal Services allows users to connect to the server using thin client terminals, decreasing the need for individual computers on each employee’ desk.

Another advantage of employing a Terminal Services environment is that older computers can be used as clients without slowing down the computing performance of the user, since the applications run on the server instead of on the client stations. “Even though there were many changes that took time to get used to,” Larry said, “the entire process was a success and our network is running better than ever now.”

When asked what MCOP liked most about Tech Experts service, Larry was quick to answer: “The timeliness in responding to our calls for assistance. Help is usually on site the same day and many times within minutes.”

Monroe County Opportunity Program:  1140 South Telegraph Road Monroe, Michigan 48161 (734) 241-2775 www.monroecountyop.org