Local Insurance Agency Trusts Tech Experts For Computer Support and Network Maintenance

Personal insurance is a fast-paced, competitive business, particularly when your agency caters to clients that require a great deal of expertise. Providing excellent customer service requires quick access to customer information, policy data, and billing records, with little tolerance for downtime.

That’s why the Leski Insurance Agency trusts Technology Experts with its IT maintenance and support needs.
Robert Leski, a long-time area educator, founded the agency in 1980, focusing on the special insurance needs of school employees with MEEMIC Insurance. As the business has grown, the agency acquired a number of insurance companies to provide insurance to all of Monroe County.

“Our target clients are those who seek quality coverage at reasonable premiums, instead of those who are willing to leave themselves open to inadequate coverage to ‘save a buck,’” commented Mr. Leski. “We need a fast and reliable computer system that keeps up with our need to properly service clients.”

The company relies heavily on its computer systems. “We use our computers for all of our quoting of insurance premiums,” continued Mr. Leski. “We store all of our client information on our server, and having instant access to policy information is critical to providing prompt and efficient service to our clients.”

Leski Insurance relies on Microsoft Small Business Server technologies, implemented by Tech Experts. The networked system, configured with Microsoft Windows SBS 2003, provides agents and customer service representatives (“CSRs”) with access to local database information on client accounts, as well as e-mail communication with Leski’s main office.

All of the agency’s full time CSRs are licensed agents. They access the network and Internet services through local workstations, each configured with high-end APC battery backup units, both to protect client data, and allow employees to continue to service clients in the event of a power outage. The server and telephones are also on battery backup power systems installed by Tech Experts.

Client quoting is done through a combination of locally-installed, networked quoting software and specialized access to insurer’s secure agent web sites.

“Because we rely heavily on our computer systems,” commented agency assistant manager Melissa Cady, “we just can’t have any downtime. One of the things we like most about working with Tech Experts is their quick response.”

Mr. Leski does a great deal of agency management and accounting work at his home office, so it is important that his home systems run as efficiently as the systems installed at the agency’s office. Tech Experts implemented high-speed, firewalled Internet access, allowing Mr. Leski access to email and to perform web research.

“Our previous provider was too far away, which led to delays,” said Mr. Leski. “Tech Experts is always aware of where we are in our tech requirements. We’re very happy with their services and performance.”