Medical Billing And Consulting Services Dramatically Improves Efficiency And Data Security

Cheryl Wilkinson and Ann Swartout started Medical Billing and Consulting Services Inc. (MBCSI) in 1988 with a single client. Now, the company provides specialized billing services for hundreds of clients as far away as Illinois, Florida and Wyoming.

MBCSI is a leader in its field, providing critical billing services for physicians and other medical specialists, and relies heavily on it’s network of eleven workstations and several servers.

“We use our computers to bill medical claims to insurances through clearinghouses and also generate hard copy claims for insurances that don’t have electronic capabilities,” explained Cheryl. “We also do patient statements for our clients.”

Unfortunately, MBCSI recently suffered a hard drive failure on one of their older servers, presenting them with a significant work stoppage situation.

“We contacted several other companies in the area,” explained Ann. “Tech Experts was the only one that immediately responded and put our minds at ease.”

MBCSI implemented a new Lenovo Think Server, running Windows Server 2008. The server also employs several extra measures of data protection, including RAID storage.

“They were able to recover all of our old files and install them on our new server, within a short period of time,” Cheryl said.

MBCSI took advantage of Experts Total Support, which provides complete technical support, anti-virus and monitoring services for a single low, monthly service fee.

“Once we signed on with them, they came into the office and went thru each computer and cleaned up the unnecessary files and malware on them,” Ann said. “This helps them run faster and more efficiently.”

Medical Billing also signed up for Experts Total Backup, which protects their critical business data with secure, encrypted off site storage.

“We have offsite backup now,” commented Ann. “That gives us tremendous peace of mind.”

Cheryl concluded, “If a terminal goes down or there is a glitch, they’re here immediately and we suffer much less down time. The fast service and friendly staff are quick to solve any problem.”