New Features Coming To The Windows 10 ‘Creators’ Update


Jared Stemeye is a Help Desk Technician at Tech Experts.

Windows 10 doesn’t follow the footsteps of previous Windows iterations. Far and away from the uniform operating system that would be replaced by a successor every few years, it’s more of a living, breathing entity – one that consistently evolves with new “named” updates. The last update, the Anniversary update, was nothing compared to the new bells and whistles Microsoft has in store with the Creators Update.

The Privacy Dashboard
The Windows 10 initial launch was the subject of scrutiny for two main factors. The most well-known was the forced-upgrade push from Microsoft.

The second was the watered-down privacy settings when compared to Windows 7 and 8. Fortunately, Microsoft’s attempts at a forced upgrade ended when the free upgrade offer expired.

Now, the Windows 10 Creators Update addresses the privacy concerns with a new privacy dashboard. This makes privacy settings much easier to understand and manage.

Users will now be able to quickly enable and disable location tracking, ad tracking, and speech recognition, among other privacy settings right from the desktop.

Application Throttling
Application Throttling will allow users to dial back resources from background processes to allow more power for their main focus.

This will be especially favorable for business-oriented users who are plagued with hang-ups and freezing from resource-hungry applications. It will also come in handy for those running Windows 10 on older PCs.

Power-Mode Slider
This is for the mobile users who rely on battery power. By simply clicking on the battery icon in your system tray, you can adjust your power settings on the fly. Crank up the power settings if you need more computing firepower or dial it to reduce performance for a substantial increase your battery life.

Paint 3D
The new Paint 3D app dramatically boosts the power of the Paint we all know and love and adds 3D image manipulation.

Paint 3D is full of tools and filters that make 3D image manipulation simple and it can even help you convert 2D images into 3D objects.

Paint will now also work with Remix 3D, a website loaded with 3D images created by other Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 Update Improvements (Thank you, Microsoft!)
Since launch, one of the biggest gripes with Windows 10 has been its updating system. The current system can be an annoying, buggy mess and those forced updates tend to reset your PC at the most inopportune times. Two upcoming features aim to make these updates a bit more tolerable.

First, Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users will be able to defer new updates for up to 35 days. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Windows 10 Home Edition users.

Finally, Microsoft also increased the defined period when Windows cannot update from 12 to 18 hours in the Active Hours settings, helping those of us who are regularly using our PCs into the wee hours of the morning.

So, in conclusion…
The aforementioned updates only scratch the surface of what Microsoft will be implementing with the Creators Update.

In example, a free new built-in application, Groove Music, is set to be a direct competitor to Apple’s GarageBand, which until now was the only OS that directly catered to the niche market of amateur music producers.

As Windows 10 continues to evolve, we foresee further integration of mobile and desktop unity that will soon rival Apple’s dominance in the “one document, all devices” platform. Details about the Creators Update will be released regularly leading up to this massive update coming on April 11th, 2017.