New Technologies Make Proactive Service A Must

With today’s workplace relying more and more on information and computer systems, it just makes sense to leverage your IT investments.

Technology in the industry now allows IT professionals to take a proactive approach to network management, providing the entire infrastructure with a complete, secure, reliable, and fully automated solution to protect your IT infrastructure.

Deploying what are known as “agents,” you can add a fully automated virtual worker to your staff, which is working 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This agent will complete a long list of tasks that even a fully staffed IT department couldn’t handle.

You can now start to enjoy your away time when your network is being monitored by these solutions. So what exactly do they do?

When you use system monitoring, you can take the proactive approach to your computers and servers with a set of rules that your administrator defines.

They provide instant notifications of problems or changes such as low disk space on your hard drives, memory leaks, power problems, virus activity, and missing updates. Just about every critical component of a PC or server can be monitored.

Software Deployment
The software engines give us the ability to deploy software out to multiple systems simultaneously, which saves massive amounts of time and causes less downtime for the staff.

Given a set of rules and pre-requisites that are met prior to the install, you can ensure a smooth, fast, and worry free installation across your network.

Remote Control
Give your IT personnel a secure and quick way to remotely access your systems from any place at any time, giving your company its own help desk in a sense.

This increases productivity for staff, reducing the waiting time for a tech to show up at your location.

Patch Management
Keeping your computer systems up to date with operating system updates and security patches is critical to the health and safety of your network.

Given a set of predefined policies, all of your servers, workstations, and remote computers will automatically be receiving the latest security patches and software updates on a schedule that works for you.

Keeping the data traffic on the network during normal operation hours is crucial to the efficiency and productivity of the workplace and this will do just that.

The reporting features will provide your administrators’ with quick and easy access to all the details of a network. Tactical and strategic planning become effortless when the agents are accumulating, tracking, and analyzing the way your network operates over time.

Audit & Inventory
Agents let the IT staff perform accurate and detailed reports on every server, computer, mobile device, and piece of equipment on your network.

This gives you a better look at what your network actually consists of and provides you and/or your IT personnel a complete detailed inventory of product specifications, versions.

An accurate network and infrastucture inventory lets you make intelligent decisions about upgrades, replacements, and maintenance.

Possibilities are practically endless for what can be done with the scripting options. If you have a routine task that has to be done each and every day, week, or month, let your agents do the work.

They can automatically trigger those tasks to be done for you, on your time, your schedule, with no interaction required.

These are just a handful of the features that are possible, giving everyone a peace of mind when it comes to your IT.

Taking advantage of these technologies will give your IT personnel a complete set of tools to efficiently, securely, and cost effectively manage your systems.