“No Virus Wednesdays” A Huge Hit!

More Than 900 Virus And Malware Infections Eradicated Thanks To Tech Experts’ Free In-Shop Scanning Service.

More than 900 virus and malware infections have been eradicated as a result of Monroe-based IT services company Tech Experts’ “No Virus Wednesdays” war on computer viruses, spyware and junk e-mail.

We are incredibly pleased with our results so far!

We’ve had more than a dozen PC users bring in their computers to be examined, and have successfully removed dangerous infections on all of the affected machines.

In July, Tech Experts announced its “No Virus Wednesdays” program, offering computer users basic spyware and virus removal services at no charge each Wednesday in July, August and September.

Since Wednesday tends to be our slowest day of the week, we decided it would be better for our techs to be destroying viruses and spyware instead of sitting around twiddling their thumbs. That’s why we decided to give away this valuable scanning and disinfecting service for FREE on Wednesdays.

It’s clear that PC infections are on the rise, and in many cases, computer users aren’t aware they’ve got a problem.

Several computers we repaired were infected with trojan-horse type malware, which was tracking the users activity on the Internet.

One machine alone had 493 distinct infected files!

Of the computers we have examined, half either did not have anti-virus software installed, or the anti-virus software was disabled or expired.

We’re obviously very concerned about how safe computer users are when they’re on the Internet which is why we’re extending our “No Virus Wednesdays” program through the end of the year.

The Tech Experts “No Virus Wednesdays” program works like this: Users who would like their computers checked and cleaned of spyware call Tech Experts’ special “No Virus Hotline” at 734-243-1500 and set up an appointment to drop off the computer late Tuesday afternoon, or first thing Wednesday morning.

The computer will be evaluated, disinfected, and available for pickup as soon as it is ready, usually late Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

Computers will be checked for over 1000 types of spyware, thousands of different viruses, as well as Trojans and keyloggers.

Any malicious software that is discovered will be removed, and a complete report provided to the client.

By having users pre-schedule their appointments, the company can plan for this work and provide the service at no charge, while still maintaining its normal weekly workload.

FAIR WARNING: This free service is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to Wednesday appointments only. Call right now for your appointment!