Raise IT Security Measures And Lower Your Stress

Updating Your Network Security Protects Your Valuable Data

Simplify. Prevent problems. Do it right, not over. These are just a few of the phrases among the most popular published in “Stress Reducing Tips” articles. But, how do you achieve these goals?

Take a look at your IT security measures first. Protecting your information systems from unauthorized use, disruption or destruction can help you reduce the number of stressful incidents that may arise as a result of a vulnerability. How can you decide what level of security is right for your organization?

Dive into a threat and risk analysis.
We can work with you to review the current security mechanisms and determine what needs to be protected. The level of security necessary for your business is largely reliant on the possible threats. If you have many employees, you may have a greater interest in user account changes versus a small dental practice whose chief concern is confidentiality.

Take advantage of our Free Network Audit and learn about the current options available for firewalls, controlled accessibility, anti-virus, spam filtering and much more.

Take time to develop a plan. Listen to employee feedback, analyze your current operations and review key points for development within your company in order to simplify business processes and protect your company data.

Think of the future.
Is your organization in growth mode or are you looking to stabilize your current position? Many clients come to us with only a few changes and end up with many things they would like completed to help increase security, increase efficiency, decrease operating costs or prepare for the future.

Prevent problems.
Security is everyone’s responsibility. According to Datapro Research, the most common causes of damage are: Terrorism, 3%; water, 10%; technical sabotage, 10%; dishonest people, 10%; fire, 15%; and, finally, human error, 52%. Unfortunately, 81% of this damage is caused by current employees.

You could install the most elaborate security and computer protection systems available, but if passwords are written on sticky notes and stuck to computer monitors in the office, or saved in Word documents, we cannot guarantee security.

New threats and vulnerabilities emerge everyday that can endanger your company. Take a preventive approach to managing your information systems with reliable security measures and proper staff training.

Firewalls and virus protection must be current. If you don’t know if these measures are in place, we can help you identify current software installed and enable or update them if necessary. A good anti-virus or firewall solution will automatically update itself as new updates are available.

Spam filtering is essential and can solve many e-mail problems that plague your inbox. Everyday spammers find new ways to get into e-mail inboxes. A lot of spam is simply unwanted advertising that is just annoying and takes up space. Some, though, are used to transmit viruses, adware or spyware that can eventually infect your entire network.