Remote Access And Security For Your Business

Working remotely is on the rise and is revolutionizing how business is conducted as a whole. As companies make the switch from centralized networks that require being physically present in the office to expansive virtual environments, it is possible to access corporate data from just about anywhere. Those companies that resist embracing remote access risk being left behind technologically and miss out on all of the benefits using things like clouds or application virtualization can bring.

Just by providing remote access to corporate files and programs, employees can work from anywhere on the fly. This allows your team to work on projects while at home or out of town, greatly increasing productivity and reducing the stress of trying to meet deadlines when life gets in the way and prevents being physically in the office. Remote access also lets employees view or share important documents from other devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to quickly verify information on the fly or perform last-minute tasks with ease.

With remote access, new security concerns also arise. With the transfer of sensitive data, there is the risk of it being intercepted by a third party that isn’t committed to your company’s success or has the intent of doing harm.

Consequently, it crucial to secure your remote access system. Secure remote access will ensure that files are encrypted during transfer, scan for malware, authenticate user identity, and control who has access to particular information.

In these ways, proper security measures not only prevent those outside the company from gaining access to private data, but also manage who can view and use data internally.

With the proper security, a business can thrive beyond expectation. Employee performance can skyrocket by having access to work data 24/7 and from any location because physical presence in the office is no longer a prerequisite to getting work done.

Business continuity is also greatly improved because inclement weather or natural disasters don’t shut down operations and the meeting of deadlines. Secure remote access can even boost employee morale and productivity by facilitating work in varied locations using multiple access mechanisms.

If you require assistance setting up or securing remote access to your business, let us know and we will show you what works best for your situation.