Should Your Company Install The Windows 10 Preview?

In short, no. While the Windows 10 Technical Preview is free of charge, there are too many dangers in downloading what is essentially the Beta release of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

There’s a reason why the preview is available, and it’s not to generate excitement about its coming release this fall. The preview exists for Microsoft to discover bugs and glitches that are present in this version, so they can fix them before Windows 10 officially hits the market. Unless you just enjoy being part of that process, it’s best to leave the testing to others.

It is especially important to wait for the official Windows 10 release if you only have one PC or mobile device.

Since all the kinks have not yet been worked out, you could find yourself unable to use accessories like printers or scanners if you make the premature jump into the new operating system. You also can’t be assured that the Windows 10 preview is safe for your devices, and it’s simply not worth the risk of incurring problems that can not only be costly moneywise but in the ill use of your time trying to correct any damage.

Furthermore, the technical preview isn’t complete. The features you’re looking forward to may not be included. The Spartan web browser and Holograph feature are missing from the Windows 10 preview.

So, even if the test version of the operating system functions seamlessly, you’re apt to be disappointed. Although you may be chomping at the bit to get rid of your old operating system, the wise thing to do is wait until Microsoft perfects Windows 10 and then fully explore it when it’s finally released, making sure it is compatible with your business applications.