Sit Back And Relax. We’ll Do The Driving

Remote support software put a technician at your desk, without ever leaving the office
It goes without saying that nearly everyone has a computer not only in their office, but also in their home. Just about everyone has experienced a problem at one time or another, and many times, the problem can be pretty simple to  resolve once a technician starts working on it.

Larger companies have IT staff that can address and fix most problems in person because they are in the same building as the system with the problem.

Small to medium size businesses, however, generally can’t justify having someone on staff to resolve PC issues when they come up. Home computer users often have to carry their machines in for service.

In the past, clients would call us with a problem, perhaps an error message that pops up when they try to open a document. The technician would try to ask the right questions, and try to visualize what the client was experiencing so we could resolve the problem.

Home users would have to disconnect their system (taking care to remember exactly where the cords plug in) and bring the machine into our office for service. It isn’t very convenient, and trying to remember how everything plugs back together can be a real problem.

Well, all of that has changed now! You can sit back at let us drive your computer using remote control.

We’ve invested in software that lets our technician view and operate your computer remotely, without you ever having to bring it in for service, or have a technician come on site. Nearly everyone has high speed Internet now, so the software runs very quickly and efficiently.

This remote management software makes diagnosing a problem a lot easier and quicker than before. Our remote control software is encrypted for security (your data is never sent over the Internet unprotected) and requires that you give permission in order for it to work. It’s very safe and secure.

Once connected to your computer, the technician can view your desktop and take control of your system. He sees the same screens you do, including any error messages. It is just like having one of our highly trained technicians sitting right there with you.

Our clients have found this remote support software to be one of the most time saving and useful tools in our technology toolbox.

Unfortunately, for problems that are more in-depth, or hardware related, remote control doesn’t work. For simple error messages or software issues, sit back and let our technicians help you remotely.