Did You Know… Alexa Doubles Up As A PA?

Alexa is great for many things. She always reminds us when it’s time to take the dinner out of the oven. She gives an accurate weather forecast. And she definitely has a good grasp of our music tastes.

But did you know she can be even more useful than that? She can help with your work life and make you more productive.
If you give Alexa access to your contacts and calendar, she can make it faster to call colleagues, schedule meetings, and find someone’s contact details and email address.

She can also give you reminders for appointments and meetings, which is perfect when your head is down and you’re losing track of time.
You can also use a great service called Zapier to connect your Alexa to hundreds of other apps – some of which you may use for work already.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you’re working from home or the office, making Alexa work harder for you will make your life easier.