How To Effectively Apply Technology In Your Business

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Technology can help your business to become significantly more efficient, engaging, and highly successful in your industry. Implementing the right technology can greatly help transform business infrastructure.

Here are nine of the most common and groundbreaking technologies that can help your company succeed today.

Use of mobile apps
You can improve your business’s overall reputation and seek higher brand recognition by introducing a mobile app with your business logo.

This keeps your products, services, and customer support at your client’s fingertips wherever they are. And depending on the complexity of your business, it can be surprisingly affordable. [Read more…]

Ten Awesome Social Media Automation Tools

In the last decade, developers from famous social media platforms have changed the way we use their applications. Social media platforms are now excellent tools for marketing products and brands—these platforms act as great sources of exposure for small, medium, and even huge businesses.

Here are 10 of the top Social Media Automation Tools, which you can utilize as the first step towards automating your business.

Workflow helps you organize a proper system as needed and share content according to plan. It allows you to promote the right content with the right audience at the right time.

Hootsuite enables you to keep an eye on your competitors and communicate with your audience and users by creating a community dedicated to your business.

You can automate replies to the audience’s queries, collaborate with others, generate valuable reports, and schedule updates with Sendible. This multi-purpose tool will help you organize and plan posts so your marketing team can focus on important tasks and activities.

This automation tool helps you schedule your posts, thereby saving a lot of time and effort. CoSchedule enables you to schedule up to 60 posts at once.

Chatfuel enables you to create a chatbot that engages customers and provides accurate responses in real-time to enhance customer satisfaction.

You can schedule your social media posts and track the performance of your posts to make better decisions. You can engage a larger audience using their informative reports. Their social media management features are amazing.

This all-in-one digital marketing automating tool is the best PPC and SEO toolkit. This tool allows you to automate posts, promote campaigns, track results, and generate valuable analytics.

This scheduling tool also helps with analytics. Tailwind will not only help you automate posts, but it provides posting recommendations so you can reach more potential leads.

With 600,000 happy users, you can already assume this tool’s popularity. This tool allows you to manage your social media comments.

Furthermore, it lets you schedule Instagram posts and increase engagement.

Iconosquare provides personalized information for social media platforms. This way, your business can progress with social media marketing campaigns using informed decisions. Save time with their in-depth analytics and reporting.

Automating your marketing process and method helps minimize errors and understand customer behavior while saving time, effort, and money. You can even schedule the entire campaign and stay ahead of competitors.

So choose the best social media automating tools from the list above and take the first step to business automation.

Modern Utilization Of Tech In Schools & Workplaces

Everywhere you look now, there is some type of technology in use and nearly every industry takes advantage of it. Between food delivery apps, the capability to review your accounts online, or the self-scan check-out lanes at the grocery store, we use technology every day and it’s all part of our common experience.

While we may overlook a lot of it in our daily lives, the right tech can make your professional life much easier and efficient. Convenience is one of the main reasons we innovate, right?

One way you can bring helpful tech into the work setting is by using a company-wide chat. You can have a group messaging system like Discord or Slack, but even a group chat over text messages can be a helpful addition in the right workplace.

A company-wide chat allows you to have conversations as needed and communicate with minimal interruptions. Questions, updates, and requests can be reviewed, then responded to a timely matter or addressed right away. It creates a “paper trail” as well, so past messages can be referenced easily.

With chat, you are able to touch base with your peers, employees, or bosses anywhere and anytime. Instead of having ten people trying to reach the same person all at once, they can send them a message and have a reply almost instantly. Unlike email, chat is less likely to be buried in conversation chains, coupons, and other mail.

Another good way to use modern technology is by utilizing remote access. Being able to work remotely is a huge time-saver and a great help for online collaboration, in both schools and the workplace. It allows us to work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Remote learning is also a very good use of new technology because it allows students to work from home and have all of the same access to resources as if they were sitting in the classroom in front of a teacher. For working professionals, it’s the same – they can complete their work from anywhere as if they were sitting at their desk in the office.

Another great way that technology has influenced the workplace for the better is automation in repetitive tasks. Some examples are network monitoring, notifications, emails, file-sharing, and time management.

Automation allows employees to focus on critical tasks instead of repetitive, time-consuming ones that aren’t necessarily as important. It also prevents some things from falling through the cracks by sending reminders or by entirely handling a task without human intervention.

Automation can also take on many forms, and you may already be benefiting from it. One example of automation that we use at Tech Experts is that our incoming service tickets, sent via email, are automatically disseminated to the right team. If this was not set-up, someone would have to manually sort every ticket that came in. The programs and apps that you already use in your business may have options to make your life easier through automation, such as email rules in Outlook.

Current technology has come a long way. Copiers, calculators, and faxes used to be amazing, and now, some of us can work entirely off of the phone in our pocket. Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming, but even small tweaks – like email rules – can have a big impact. Embracing the efficiency of tech can give you freedom and time back so you can make the most of your work hours.

How Much Of Your Business Can Be Automated?

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Automation is transforming the way the world works.

Businesses of all sizes are embracing huge advances in technology to help them get things done on autopilot.

Implemented well, automation will help reduce your staff’s workload, increase efficiency, reduce costs, boost the quality of customer service, and help you use new data and insights to optimize performance.

The benefits will be felt by customers as well. As your competitors start to transform their businesses through automation, expectations can quickly change. If you don’t adapt, you risk falling behind and losing customers.

Here are three of the main areas that are ripe for automation in many businesses. [Read more…]