Lights Out?

Not For Local Manufacturing Company Who Turned On Tech Experts’ Disaster Recovery Planning Services

When spring storms rolled through the area and took out power to her company’s offices and plant, Sue Brey, Complete Packaging’s controller, knew she had to make two phone calls right away.

“My first call was to the power company,” she explained, “and my second call was to Tech Experts. I knew they’d have our computer systems handled.”

Complete Packaging is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of just in time inventory and specialized “total-solution” packaging products, working primarily in the automotive and glass industries. Because of the unique nature of their businesses, Complete Packaging’s clients require accurate and on-time deliveries of their packaging materials.

Sue’s first call, to the power company, didn’t go well. “Our power went out on Monday, and they told us it wouldn’t be restored until Friday,” Sue said. “We were in crisis mode.”

The Tech Experts support team sprang into action immediately, calling Complete’s telephone service provider to have the company’s main phone numbers transferred to staff member’s cell phones.

“Things were touch and go for a few hours,” Sue continued, “but when it became clear our power wasn’t coming back on, we had to get our office systems up and operational.”

Tech Experts relocated Complete Packaging’s server and several office workstations to spare office space in it’s building, and set up Complete’s phones to ring at the temporary desks.

“We moved right into the Tech Experts office,” Sue explained. “And they had our systems up and printing on their printers in less than an hour. We were able to print out orders, send and receive e-mail, and get production documents completed for the factory.”

Complete Packaging’s maintenance crew was able to get much of the factory running on generators, so the company was able to ship orders. “We have performance clauses in a lot of our contracts,” explained Sue. “If we didn’t ship our orders on time, we could have lost tens of thousands of dollars in business. Thanks to Tech Experts, we were able to fulfill our commitments to our customers.”

The Tech Experts Disaster Recovery service is part of the comprehensive management and maintenance program offered to every Tech Experts client who is a service agreement subscriber.

Tech Experts Keeps Complete Packaging’s Network Running Problem-Free

No one knows better than Sue Brey, Complete Packaging Inc.’s controller, how important it is to have a problem-free computer network. Complete Packaging specializes in just in time inventory and production of specialized, “total-solution” packaging products, primarily for the automotive industry.

Complete Packaging is an ISO-9001 and Q9001-2000 certified supplier. “We manufacture wood pallets, crates, boxes, and coil cradles,” said Sue, “and we are a distributor for corrugated shipping containers and set up boxes. Our customers rely on Complete Packaging to provide the right product, at the right price, on time.”

To handle their orders and customer service, Complete relies on a Windows Server 2003 network installed by Technology Experts, using an IBM server, and various IBM workstation computers.

The company has a high-speed T1 Internet connection, facilitating online order entry and email service for the company’s employees. A nearby warehouse facility is connected by a private, secure wireless network to the main office building, allowing computers at both locations access to the Internet service and data stored on the file server.

“We rely on our computers for accounting and manufacturing planning,” continued Sue. “Tech Experts also developed a specialized program we use to prepare the shipping paperwork we use to deliver our products to our customers.”

Complete uses Quickbooks for accounting, payroll and payables. “One of the recent projects Tech Experts did for us was upgrading our Quickbooks,” said Sue. “I was really happy the upgrade process went smoothly.”

Network downtime is costly for any business, but even more so for a company like Complete Packaging that relies so heavily on its computer systems.

That’s why Sue and Complete have invested in a support agreement with Tech Experts.

“One of the most strategic advantages we’ve found working with Tech Experts is that they’re a local company. The support agreement we have gives me peace of mind, knowing they’ll be here right away when I need them,” said Sue.

Sue summed it up best: “Wow! That is all I can say about the team at Tech Experts. It’s so nice  to know that my entire network is handled so I can focus on running the business. I’ve worked with other computer consultants in the past and no one can touch their level of service or expertise.”