Improve Your Business With Tech Expert’s Email

By Tech Experts Staff
With the many different types of email offerings out there what type of email should you be using for your business and why?

At Tech Experts we offer several different email plans for your business needs that are reliable, secure, and offer many features you don’t find just anywhere.

Many people today make the mistake of trying to use free email services for their business. The main problem with free email services is that they are a huge security risk.

For example, say you use a free email provider such as Yahoo for your business email, anyone else can create email accounts in the same fashion as your company.

An example of this is that if your employees use email accounts like for their email address, anyone that uses Yahoo for email could make a similar email address and act as if they are an employee of your company.

So what are the other kinds of email that Tech Experts hosts if you should not use free email services for your business?

We offer three main plans and another type of email called Hosted Exchange.

The first “Basic Plan” we offer allows you to have your own domain name which will increase your company’s security by not allowing hackers to use email addresses on your company’s domain.

This plan also offers the option of enhanced spam filtering, unlimited mail aliases, a basic website, and a maximum of 5 mailboxes.

This is our best “starter” plan allowing companies to get into email that’s secure without costing an arm and a leg.

Our second plan, the “Plus Plan”, offers all of the features of the basic plan but allows users to have 5 email accounts with enhanced spam filtering, still unlimited aliases, an enhanced website, unlimited mailing lists, and a maximum of 25 included mailboxes.

This plan is designed more for medium sized businesses that are already fairly well established but still haven’t taken the step to have their own domain or email services.

Our third plan, the “Advanced Plan”, offers an enhanced website still but with much more storage space, 10 email accounts with enhanced spam filtering services included, again unlimited aliases, unlimited mailing lists, and an unlimited number of mailboxes (up to 10 GB of storage space included).

This is our package for larger companies that have over 25 employees. Increased storage space can always be added as well as needed.

The final service we offer is called Hosted Exchange email. Hosted Exchange email takes security up a notch and improves on features and performance greatly.

Hosted Exchange email requires usernames and passwords just as the previous email offerings do but they can have other features enabled such as encrypted emails and archiving if your business is the type of business where you really need to be able to access other employees emails or if you need to keep them for a period of time for compliance reasons.

One major benefit to Hosted Exchange email is that it syncs across all of your devices. For example, if you send an email from your phone, that same email will show up in the sent items on your computer and on the Online Web Access.

Just the same, if an email is sent to you and you get it on one of your devices it will also show up on the other devices you have email setup on.

What’s really nice is that not only do the emails show up across all of your devices the statuses update as well. So if you read an email on your phone it shows as read on your PC as well.

So with all the email choices out there what works best for your company?

If you’re not sure the answer to that question, give us a call and we can work with you to determine this.

Is Hosted Exchange A Good Idea For Your Business?

by Jeremy Miller, Technician
Email has become as important as any other utility to most businesses. So obviously, company owners will want to avoid interruptions at the lowest price possible.

For small to medium sized businesses, our Hosted Exchange service is the best option.

You only have to pay a flat per-user fee. This takes the hassle away from having a server on-site that has to be maintained and updated.

With Hosted Exchange, you don’t have to worry about your email data.

The facilities that house the Exchange server clusters are managed by Microsoft – the company that invented Exchange!

This can benefit you by having a very high uptime percentage, secure email backups, and synced data on all of your devices.

The cost of using Hosted Exchange compares favorably to having an onsite email server.

If your company has a relatively small number of email users, the savings can be as much as 90 percent.

However, even at 100 or more users, Hosted Exchange can reduce your costs by as much as 50 percent.

Hosted Exchange facilities always use third party backup support, which protects your email data from any foreseeable disaster.

This is great because, even if the facility was completely destroyed you will not experience a service interruption. This is possible because you will be able to use your email from the off-site backup location.

If your business begins to grow, your email will be able to expand to meet your needs. Using Hosted Exchange will minimize the impact on your internal network.

This will free up local bandwidth for server/client transactions. If you want to upgrade to a newer version or migrate to a new computer, the process will be easy and painless.

Exchange does more than just email. It is also a calendar and a contact list.

With Hosted Exchange all of your meetings can be shared with other members of your company. You’re also able to create contact lists that you can share with others.

Users will be able to access Exchange from almost any device, such as: Computers, smart phones, and tablets. Even though Exchange is a Microsoft product, users will be able to access it on a Mac.

The default Mail, iCal, and Address Book have had Exchange support since 2009.

However Microsoft developed Entourage to be very similar to Outlook.

This has a lot more functionality than the default mail apps, and was designed to interface with Exchange.

Also users can access their email from any machine that can use a web browser thanks to Outlook Web Access which is included with all Exchange mailboxes.With Outlook Web Access, you log into the Exchange system, and then use an interface that looks just like Outlook to manage your email.

If your company is email dependent, we’d love to talk to you about Hosted Exchange and the benefits to your business. Give the office a call at (734) 457-5001, or email us at And yes, that goes to our Exchange system!