Tech Experts 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s our high-tech suggestions for the hard to buy for person on your list

It’s that time of year again. The time to spread peace, joy, and good will; the time to soak up the seasonal cheer; and the time to buy cool gadgets and devices for your company, your colleagues, your customers, your loved ones, and maybe even yourself.

These days, there is so much stuff out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. So, in the spirit of the holidays, we’ve looked high and low for the best gifts, gadgets, and goodies.

So, whether you’re looking to make communications smoother, boost personal productivity, make travel easier, deck out the company car, upgrade your workspace, or go green, there’s a gift for you in here somewhere.

Casio USB Label Mouse Printer, $29.95
The Casio USB Label Mouse Printer’s organizational beauty is that you can use it to print out thermal labels — directly from the mouse itself.

Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse, $145
The sleek MX Air from Logitech may sport a hefty price tag, but look at it this way, you don’t need a desk! It’s got a 30-foot range (which makes it great for presentations), and built-in volume controls.

Logitech G9 Laser Mouse, $99
Want to go old-school without getting archaic? The G9 Laser was designed for gamers, which means it’s all about not getting repetitive strain injury (RSI). Even if you’re using it to take over the real world rather than the World of Warcraft, this is still a safe option for maneuvering through your workday.

iRobot Red Vacuuming Robot, $149.99
The iRobot Roomba Red Vacuuming Robot detects dirt, can handle hardwood or carpet, won’t fall down the stairs, and is a breeze to turn on and let loose at the end of the day. It’ll even find its way back to its charger when the office is clean.

iTouchless Stainless Steel Hands-Free Infrared Trash Can, $99
Why use your foot, or your fingers, to toss out the trash. Keep your hands clean, and your office smelling cleaner, with this 13-gallon gadget. It uses infrared technology to automatically open the lid whenever a hand or trash passes within 6 inches.

USB Tape Dispenser Hub, $14.99
Running out of plug-in slots on your laptop or desktop? How about space on your desk for analog stuff that computers still can’t replace — like good old fashioned transparent tape? This gadget solves both those problems by combining a tape dispenser with a four-port USB hub.

WildCharger charging pads, $34.99 – 89.99
The WildCharger charging pad eliminates the need for power cords. Just get the right adaptor for your cell phone or iPod and place it on the pad to get it juiced up and ready to go.

Iomega Ego portable hard drive, $199.45
Back up your files and take them with you with this cool portable external hard drive, the Iomega Ego. It stores up to 250gb and fits nicely into a laptop bag or even a coat pocket.

Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link, $299
A great option for that special someone who wants to be connected and go wireless. The Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link uses two separate frequencies to help boost bandwidth.

Apple iPhone, $399
The iPhone simply is the gadget this year. Wi-Fi Internet access, instant messaging, brilliant color display, e-mail, touch screen, and, of course, all the music you need while you browse the Web or build a proposal on the run.

Nokia N95, $699, Nokia E61i Smartphone, $389
In a year that has brought us more than just a few amazing phone-like devices, the Nokia 95 gives you DVD-quality images, plus a GPS-powered, location-based search function (helpful on business trips and sales calls), a 5-megapixel camera, wireless connectivity to your PC, and so much more. At half the cost, the E61i Smartphone is a worthy alternative.