Technology Considerations When Moving To A New Office

Michael Menor is Vice President of Support Services for Tech Experts.

Moving your office is never an easy task. You have to move furniture, personal objects, and above all else, your technology infrastructure. There’s nothing simple about moving your office’s technology, but it’s still nothing to get worried about. That’s why we’re here to help – from suggesting the optimal network cabling, to the proper deployment of new and improved technology solutions.

For example, let’s take a look at your office. You have a certain number of workstations, one for each of your employees. These workstations need to be connected via cable to your business’s network. Otherwise, your team could go without required software, data, and other important resources. Your cabling infrastructure could quickly grow to be uncontrollable, especially if you don’t approach your cabling procedures correctly.

Another issue that you might encounter comes from equipping everyone with the right communications solutions. The most notable problem is setting up phone lines for everyone who needs them. Adding new lines is far from a simple task and it can quickly exceed your budget if it’s not planned out in advance. Adjusting for growth is also much more difficult, considering you have to add and/or remove lines as needed, making for an expensive investment.

How about your physical files? Chances are that you would much rather make the move without lugging unnecessary items, such as file cabinets. The problem is that your organization might be torn between keeping the files and getting rid of them. It makes sense to take inventory before committing to such a move, especially if you have files you’re required to keep.

Tech Experts offers several services that are designed to help your business make its move much easier. In fact, our services aren’t just convenient for businesses that are relocating; they’re great for most any business that wants to maximize productivity.

Cloud storage and virtualization
If you’re having trouble providing information to your entire infrastructure, you can use cloud computing and cloud storage to provide access to applications, software, and data required by your employees throughout the workday. Doing this helps you avoid unnecessary cabling and allows for similar data access capabilities. As long as your employees have an Internet connection (say, through a WiFi signal), they’ll be able to connect to the cloud and access information. In other words, they can work from anywhere, leading to more productivity.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
With a VoIP solution, your business can take advantage of your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls. Since the only connection you need is to your Internet, you can skip out on the complex cabling required of traditional telephone systems. You still need to keep an eye on your bandwidth, but if you use a Tech Experts-provided solution, we’ll help you ensure that you get the most out of VoIP with minimal incident.

Electronic records storage
If your organization is having trouble with file storage, Tech Experts can equip your business with a solution that’s designed to help you eliminate unnecessary physical file storage systems. Instead, you can store your files in a digital, compliant space that’s optimized for security. Since your files will be stored digitally and protected with data backup, you’ll be able to quickly get back up to speed.

A new office means a second chance to start over, so why not do your IT the right way? For more information about how we can help your office relocation progress more smoothly, give Tech Experts a call at (734) 457-5000.