The Right Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Website

ПечатьEvery website can be improved, however good it is. In fact, you never want to settle for ‘good enough,’ particularly if your website is part of a business.

It’s unlikely that 100 percent of the visitors to your site take the precise action you want, so there is always room for improvement.

Determine your sales path
When thinking about how to attract more visitors to your site, it is first important to figure out the primary goal of your website, and then work backwards.

For instance, if you are selling a product online, the path for your visitors is likely to visit your homepage, navigate to the product sales page, click the order button and then complete the order form before they finally arrive at your thank you page. This path is your conversion funnel; the trick is to optimize and improve every piece of it.

Evaluate each website page
In order to determine how much attention you should give to each of your website pages, you must evaluate them separately.

Find out how many visitors land on each page, and what percentage of them proceed to the next stage of the sales path (its conversion rate). Aiming to increase the conversion rate of each page will be much more effective than looking at your entire website as a whole. For instance, increasing the conversion rate of each page by 10 percent would mean a 33 percent increase in your overall conversion rate.

Constant tracking
It is critical to track the conversion rate of each page both daily and monthly. While daily rates may fluctuate quite a bit, watch out for dramatic conversion drops which might be caused when a page, image or video does not load. On a monthly basis, check the performance of your pages and spot those that are decreasing in effectiveness and need improvement.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)