Tips For Your Next Tablet Purchase

Now that tablets have become ingrained in the techie lifestyle, it’s hard to believe the first Apple iPad arrived on the scene just four years ago. In the time that has passed since then, tablet sales and development have skyrocketed.

Consequently, there is a much larger variety to choose from today than just a single brand and its incarnations.

For those looking to upgrade their tablet or try one out for the first time, navigating the sea of tablet possibilities can be a daunting prospect. Here are a few tips to demystify your purchase choices:

Choose the right operating system for you: Apple’s iOS gets the most attention by far, likely due to its length of time on the market, general ease of use, and plethora of applications available for download.

Android’s OS is also competitive in the availability of apps, and it merges seamlessly with all of Google’s applications.c332562_m

Finally, the Windows OS is growing in popularity with users looking for a PC-like experience and aren’t as concerned about installing various applications.

Get enough storage and a screen size you can work with: Just as if you were PC shopping, a huge concern is having enough space to store your files and a screen that is easy to read.

After all, it’s no fun squinting to decypher text or choosing which applications to keep or ditch due to insufficient storage space.

Also, consider the screen resolution when choosing between models – it can be equivalent to the difference between a regular television screen and HD.

Decide if a WiFi only or cellular version fits your needs: There are two ways you can get online with a tablet – connecting via WiFi networks around you or using cellular service to gain entry.

WiFi only versions are typically cheaper, and you always have to option of turning your smartphone into a hotspot for on-the-fly connections. A cellular version is a tad pricier and requires additional service fees, but the advantaage is you will always be able to get online wherever you go.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)