What Are The Five Perspectives In Business Analytics

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Business analytics is an approach to identify the challenges faced by an organization and finding solutions to them. In other words, business analytics help you implement changes in the business to streamline tasks and activities.

Your role as business analysts is to bring efficiency to the working process. To analyze business activities and bring change, you need to understand how your business works. Depending on how it works, you need to consider the change you can bring to the organization to boost productivity.

Agility is an effective perspective to compare your traditional business analytics with new and advanced innovations.

The reason why this tool is effective is it provides you data considering your user stories and product backlog. Here are some benefits of using agility:

  • Enables you to create user stories.
  • Focuses on finding solutions analyzing the customers.
  • Helps to stay in touch with the stakeholders and fill in the communication gaps.
  • Provides tools to create documents such as wireframes and design flow.
  • Enables you to review different stories and implement the business analytics process without violating business rules.

Business intelligence
This allows you to transform your data and produce actionable insights. It provides you software and other tools to develop tactics and strategies to make better decisions.

By using these tools, you can analyze and access new data and create summaries, graphs, reports, maps, and dashboards. All these reporting instruments will help you understand the settings in detail.

Information technology
Information technology supports your business by maximizing productivity and efficiency. It enables you to communicate with the teams and stakeholders and secure the

Today, all the business processes depend on information technology and tools. Here are some benefits of using information technology for business analytics:

  • Streamlining communications
  • Automating processes
  • Securing the data
  • Providing remote access and communication

Business architecture
Your business architecture can be elastic and scalable with big data.

Furthermore, you can understand the latest trends and demands in the market and enhance the business’ architecture accordingly.

With the availability of cloud systems, you can perform business tasks at affordable rates.

Cloud technology scales up the efficiency of your development process and helps you design better prototypes.

Furthermore, this approach creates an amazing testing environment for data analysis.

Business process management
This approach helps you understand different operations and identify their health.

As a result, you can improve business process efficiency, offer a broader understanding of the management process and engage the teams to meet their goals.

To analyze your business successfully, you need to work on all levels and define new strategies to improve the business’ architecture.

You should understand how to define goals, then improve the process through technology and supporting the teams.