Why Internet Predators Love Social Network Sites

Internet predators have become a fixture of sorts on many social media sites which necessitates the need for users to exercise caution.

Since the advent of the Internet “instances” of cyber crime have evolved into regular and expected occurrences.

Now the growing popularity of social network sites has cyber criminals taking direct aim at them with their Internet scams.

What is it that makes the social networks such an attractive target for this type criminal behavior?

Here are 3 very “inviting” reasons:

Casual Atmosphere
Social network sites are meant for just what they imply and that is to socialize.

This type of atmosphere is casual and relaxed therefore people for the most part are NOT expecting devious behavior.

It is just this type atmosphere that cyber criminals depend upon and thrive in. Their ability to manipulate others is based upon a “blind” trust or having others believe in their own sense of security.

Ease of Use
Most social media sites by and large are set up to be easy to use and navigate. This allows even the less than ‘tech savvy’ to become involved, but they also bring along their own naive nature relative to Internet security issues.

This makes them even easier prey since they are unaware of or unfamiliar with many Internet scams.

This ease of use on the other hand has also made it just as convenient for the “sinister online element” to gain access to their unsuspecting prey.

There are no security systems to work around or advanced coding to decipher therefore the “door” is wide open for the criminal element to gain easy access.

As we all know crime always seems to gravitate towards the largest population bases offline and this remains true online as well. The very popularity of social media sites has put them in the “cross hairs” of the devious minded predators that lurk on the Internet.

Safety in numbers is NOT something innocent site members can count on when interacting within online social communities.

Internet predators have settled in quite comfortably on many social media sites to the point that they have almost become accepted “fixtures” to users.

For the 3 reasons we have spoken of above cyber criminals are attracted to many of the online communities.

The structure of these sites offers the perfect opportunity for the criminal element to successfully implement their Internet scams.

For the users they must simply be aware that cyber crime does exist and will continue to do so calling for the need to exercise caution when socializing online.