Your Remote Workers Aren’t Using Computers That Look Like This, Are They?

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

When did you last check everything was OK with the devices your team uses when they work remotely?

That might sound like a strange question. But a recent survey discovered that 67% of remote workers are using faulty devices to work from home. And the reason?

They’ve likely damaged the device themselves and are too scared to tell you!

Laptops, keyboards, and monitors are most likely to be damaged (in that order). And it’s usually because of food or drink spills… though some people blame their partners, children, and even their pets!

We’ve all watched in horror as a cat rubs itself against a full glass of water next to a laptop…

Using a device that doesn’t work properly is a problem, of course.

First, it’s going to damage your team’s productivity. Tasks might take longer or be more difficult to complete. If they try to fix the problem themselves, they risk causing further damage or making the device completely unusable.

No, a fork isn’t a clever way to get bits of cake out of your keyboard, and duct tape isn’t the solution for a cracked or damaged laptop case.

But the other issue, of course, is that of security.

In some cases, your people will stop using their damaged company-issued device, and use a personal device instead. Which puts your data at risk.

That’s because their personal devices won’t have the same level of protection as your managed and monitored business devices. It also means that if they’re connecting to your network, it might not be a safe connection, potentially leaving the door open for cyber criminals, viruses, or an encrypting trojan.

And because your IT partner isn’t monitoring personal devices, it’s possible they won’t spot an intrusion until it’s too late.

Our advice? Make it a regular routine to check that everyone’s happy with their devices and that there isn’t any damage that needs repaired. It is also a good idea to have a policy that team members won’t get in trouble for accidental damage, so long as it’s reported immediately.

If you need help replacing any damaged devices, just give us a call.