Five Ways to Deal With Aging Computer Equipment

While upgrading your tech equipment marks an exciting time in the office, it also presents a problem. With the introduction of new technology, you must decide what to do with your old equipment.

Provided those items are still in good working order, they may continue to be helpful in other avenues. Consider one of these five ways to give your old, replaced technology a new home:

Find a fresh purpose for it

Old equipment may not be up to task in one arena anymore, but it may be useful for something else. For example, old computers could power dummy terminals or be used for browser testing.

Connect with a local nonprofit

Your obsolete equipment may build a bridge with a local nonprofit. If you don’t have a particular organization in mind, ask your team for suggestions.

Donating your items to a nonprofit can elevate your company’s image in the public eye and be tax deductible down the road.

Donate it to a school

Whether your old equipment is best put to use actively or as the technological equivalent of a cadaver in a computer assembly class, schools are always in need of computers for students to use.

Be charitable

Similarly, you can donate your outdated technology to a charity and allow it to either sell your old items or put it to use in their office. This method can even net you and your business a tax break.

Hand it down

What is old to you can be new to someone else. Review the age and functionality of your employees’ equipment, and you might find what you wish to discard constitutes an upgrade to another member of your team.