Flying Cars And Robot Servants? Business Tech Predictions For This Year

OK, so we still haven’t seen flying cars. But, you can get a robot to vacuum your carpet!

We’ve been busy reading the business technology predictions for this year. If you’d read these 20 years ago, they would have genuinely seemed like science fiction. But now, there’s nothing being predicted for this year that really surprises us. Here are a few we think you’ll see soon.

More automation: It’s now possible to make most software talk to most other software. And that makes it easier to automate repetitive tasks. Any time a human has to repeat a task, you can find a way to get software to automate it for you.

Health, safety, and wearable tech: These are small electronic, wireless, and autonomous devices that capture, analyze, and aggregate biofeedback or other sensory physiological functions related to health, well-being, and fitness and that can be worn on the human body (or in the human body with versions such as micro-chips or smart tattoos.)

AI being used by more businesses: Artificial Intelligence is no longer just for big businesses. It’s being used within software available to businesses of all sizes. You’re probably benefitting from AI already without being aware of it.

Work from home: Yes, the “new normal”. It’s not going away. Hybrid working is here to stay.

Next-generation remote presence (the “Metaverse”): With a nod to Facebook, incremental progress in existing VR/AR technologies, as well as new technologies involving senses beyond audiovisual, are driving better and better immersion.

Remote medicine: Remote medicine will enable patients to obtain remote medical assistance and physicians to perform procedures and consult with remote experts.

Disinformation detection and correction: Critical importance of having accurate information will trigger techniques to determine disinformation in politics, business, and social media.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs): Blockchain technology can be used for authentication and ownership of digital assets and potentially for a new type of virtualization of the ownership of physical things.

Fraud gets more sophisticated: Fraud operations are getting increasingly sophisticated, as the typical cybercrime arms race continues between prevention experts’ efforts and criminals’ innovations to beat them.

Other predictions include better voice search, such as using Alexa to get answers. And big improvements in battery tech.