Improve Your Staff’s Productivity Using These Five Tips

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Increasing employee productivity is a positive approach for companies, regardless of the industry; however, the concept can be rather vague.

Productivity means more than just working to meet a given quality standard, therefore, it isn’t always immediately clear how to achieve optimum outcomes while maintaining standards and keeping your employees happy.

Here are a few concrete methods that can help your staff be more productive:

Block Certain Internet Sites

With the rise of social media, online gaming, and entertainment websites, there are many potential distractions on the web. Even if an employee is well-intentioned, there are plenty of well-designed trappings to keep them there, wasting your company’s time, Internet bandwidth, and, ultimately, money.

Consider placing a block on potentially productivity sapping sites to remote the temptation to linger online.

Try Mobile App Blocking

Just as employees can get distracted while on computers, they can also waste time piddling away with apps on their smartphones.

White there is no way to completely solve this problem, you can at least block the use of certain applications when connected to the corporate network with technology such as firewalls.

Revamp Technology

It isn’t necessary to invest a fortune in buying new equipment to upgrade your IT infrastructure and increase your staff’s productivity.

Get rid of any obsolete technology that just takes up space, update your software, and consider investing in one or two pieces of newer equipment that can benefit multiple staff members or perhaps the whole company.

Save Files on the Company’s Server

Get rid of clutter on individual computers while promoting collaborations between members by using server-based storage. This frees up space on each computer station for optimum speed, and you can set permissions on files to share between certain staff members while restricting access to others.

Track Production

There is a wide array of tracking methods to measure how many tasks an employee undertakes during a work day, how long it takes to complete, and which client they worked on.

Many industries have developed tools and established best practices to manage and track production times and quality.

If you’re having trouble finding the best tools to use for your business, give us a call and we’ll work with you to find the solutions that will work for you.