SPAM Prevention FAQ: Tips To Reduce Junkmail

How can you reduce the amount of junk email you receive? Here are our best tips!

Never Allow Your Email To Be Posted Or Listed
“Spiders” and web “crawlers” routinely “harvest” email addresses from web pages in an effort to build a collection of email addresses to send junk email to.

Never Unsubscribe Or Ask To Be Removed
The only exception to this rule is if you originally signed up for that particular list or asked to receive updates.

If you never asked to be part of a participating mailing list, why would you ask to be removed? Doesn’t make sense does it.

This is a common ploy spammers use to validate email addresses. If you respond, that proves to them that your email address is alive and active, and that you are receiving their emails.

Responding only encourages them to sell your email address to other spammers, and will ultimately increase the amount of junk email that you will receive.

Never Open Or Read Junk Email
Believe it or not, even if you never respond, but merely open a junk email, there could be special HTML code contained in that email message that will report back that you opened or read the message.

This provides validation to the spammer that your email address is alive and active, and you can bet you will start receiving more spam!

Be sure to turn off your email program’s Preview Pane feature, as this is essentially the same thing as “reading” a message.

Avoid Contests, Special Offers, And Chances To Win
These are gimmicks to get you to reveal your email address so they can send you special offers. Many free ecards (electronic greeting cards) are also ways companies collect email addresses.

Never Post To An Email List Using Your Private Email Address
Many spammers watch these posts in order to harvest new email addresses.So be very cautious when posting to these websites.

If you are a contact for a registered domain, do not list you private email address.

Instead of using your personal email address use a generic common mailbox for this purpose, or ask for domain registration privacy.

Create a public email address such as or

Guard Your Computer Against Trojan Spyware And Software
Never open any attachments you don’t explicitly trust.

Some “fun” emails are often a ruse to steal email addresses or track your behavior on the Internet.

The use of both anti-virus, personal firewall, and or antispyware software is strongly recommended.

Use A Free Account As Your Public Email Address
Reserve your private email address for friends and select associates.

Never sign up for special offers using your private email address. Use your generic common email address for those.

Trick The Spammers
If you post an email address online, disguise its set-up, spelling out ‘dot com’ in place of .com.

Junk Mail Out Of Hand
If your junk mail has reached a level that it is just out of hand and you cannot handle it anymore, consider changing your email address.

If you don’t want to change your email address consider us to take advantage of our advanced SPAM filtering services.

We can make all necessary changes on your computer and with your email service to help prevent those spam messages.