The Benefits Of Using The Current Version of Windows

With all the different versions of Windows out there, how do you know what one will work best for you, and why?

The answer, in most cases, is the most current version of Windows is the one you should be using. In general the most current version of Windows (in this case Windows 7) will offer the greatest benefits for your money.

One of the many benefits to having a current operating system is the security features. When you’re up to date, you are far less vulnerable to viruses and malware.

Windows XP is still one of the most widely used operating systems.The problem with it is that there are so many viruses and malware developed for it that it is much more vulnerable than Windows Vista or Windows 7.

One security feature that makes Vista and Windows 7 more secure than Windows XP is the fact that they both have a two way firewall built into the operating system.

This means that if a virus was to get into the system (and the firewall was still functioning properly) the outbound firewall would catch outbound communications from the virus to whatever it is transmitting to.

Windows XP only has inbound firewalls which helps to stop incoming connections, but does nothing once a virus, malware or other attacker has gained access to the computer system.

This is likely the biggest advantage security wise for the newer operating systems.

Increased productivity
As far as productivity goes there may be instances that require a user to stick with an older operating system due to software compatibility issues. These issues in most cases are few and far between.

The reason this is the case is due to compatibility features within Windows 7 and Vista that allow a user to set a program to run in “Compatibility Mode.”

Running a program in compatibility mode allows a user to run programs that were designed to be run in older operating systems.

This feature will allow programs that were designed to run on operating systems as old as Windows 95 to run in the current version of Windows.

While compatibility mode will work in most cases, it isn’t guaranteed. Always work with your line of business application company to keep your software updated.

Remember the importance of maintaining support for any specialty software you use.

Updated applications
One final reason to use the most current Operating System is the ability to run newer applications and hardware that were not previously supported in older operating systems.

If your computer is older, it might not have the horsepower necessary to run the most current version of Windows. In that case, it is may be more beneficial to upgrade the PC.

If you’re interested in upgrading, we can check your current systems for memory and processing power, looking forward toward an operating system upgrade.

Remember, an up to date system lets you be more productive, have better security over your important data, and increase your profitability by decreasing downtime due to failing hardware, viruses and malware.

Feature article By Tech Experts Staff for Tech Experts