This Thanksgiving, Pass The “Storytelling Fork”

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Plan on getting together with friends and family this Thanksgiving? Then pass the “storytelling fork” and you’ll create incredible memories that no one will forget!

This tradition is a variation of the “talking stick,” which is an old Native American tradition used in council circles to give everyone a chance to speak.

When matters of great concern came before the council, the leading elder would hold the talking stick and begin the discussion. When he finished, he would hold out the talking stick, and whoever wished to speak after him would take it.

In this manner, the stick was passed from one individual to another until all who wished to speak had done so.

The stick was then passed back to the leading elder for safe keeping. They believe that whomever holds the stick is imparted with the sacred power of words.

So how can you use this as a fun Thanksgiving tradition for your family?

Before everyone leaves the dinner table, bring out your “storytelling fork” and request that everyone tell a story as a small payment for the meal they’ve just enjoyed.

To make it fun, tie a red ribbon around a silver serving fork and hold it up for everyone to see.

Say, “This is a magic Thanksgiving fork. Although it seems like an ordinary serving fork, it has special powers that will imbue the holder with amazing storytelling ability. When you hold this fork, memories and fun stories of people and places you’ve seen will come flooding into your mind. When you hold this fork, everyone will listen.”

Start by giving them a story of your own. Maybe you can talk about the day your children were born. Tell stories of your childhood or previous Thanksgiving meals.

Talk about how you met your spouse or an old friend, teacher, or mentor who had a big impact on your life.

Or talk about the funny habits or quirks of family members who have passed away. Then, pass the fork for others to do the same.

Kids will love the attention they get when telling a story, and you’ll have several memories that will last forever!