Three Ways That Technology Has Transformed Businesses

Thomas Fox is president of Tech Experts, southeast Michigan’s leading small business computer support company.

Breakthroughs in technology have torn apart old ways of working, as new alternatives have become impossible to ignore.

Here are three examples of ways that technology has transformed businesses everywhere.

Instant customer service
As new methods of communication have emerged, businesses have been able to significantly increase the quality and availability of the customer service they offer.

Instead of relying on face-to-face meetings or telephone calls to answer customer questions, businesses can now help through immediate online channels like live chat.

This is convenient for many customers, as they can talk at the exact moment they need help. It allows them to get immediate answers to their questions without needing to navigate telephone menus or book an appointment.

AI chatbots enable customers to get answers to their questions without humans involved. The technology that powers AI chatbots is getting both more affordable and more advanced, making them a good alternative even for small companies.

By allowing questions to be asked in natural language, chatbots offer a way for businesses to help their customers 24/7 and can significantly reduce the demands on customer service staff.

A revolution in advertising
Google and Facebook have completely changed the face of advertising.

By giving businesses the ability to deliver highly targeted ads, Google and Facebook give businesses the tools they need to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. And then analyze the results with an extreme level of precision.

Far from being confined to global brands with huge marketing budgets, this technology has given businesses of all sizes access to the same advertising venues and tools that huge businesses use.

The amount of money that businesses need to invest in advertising has decreased. Small businesses are able to run campaigns that get results for only a few dollars.

Remote working during the pandemic
How do you think businesses would have coped if the pandemic had arrived in 1990 instead of 2020?

Technology has enabled millions of businesses to keep running at a time when it’s been impossible for much of the world to physically meet.

Tools like Microsoft Teams have made it easy for colleagues to collaborate and work together. With real-time messaging and countless options for video calls, people can work well as a team regardless of where they’re based.

Cloud computing has made it easy to access the software and data everyone needs to do their jobs, often from whatever device they can get their hands on.