What’s A Good Portable Projector Under $500?

Choose the Celluon PicoPro for a reasonably priced projector that’s easy to tote. At just seven ounces with the batteries in it, it won’t weigh you down, and it is small enough to store in your purse or carry in a shirt pocket.

It retails for $399.99, which is pretty inexpensive for a projector of its caliber, and its use of laser technology for a light source creates a good picture on virtually any surface with uniform brightness. The PicoPro is also designed to stay cool without the use of a fan, so it runs quietly enough to allow viewers to focus on the displayed media without the noise distraction.

In addition, since it is small, you can’t view stored images directly from the PicoPro. You can, however, pair it with most smartphones to see any stored media without problems. It focuses automatically, taking the guesswork out of achieving a clear picture. Although the focus is a little softer than that on other projectors, it slightly affects the readability of text-based images but isn’t noticeable otherwise.

The battery lasts two to three hours, and it can also connect via USB to your computer or plug straight into the wall when you need to recharge or conserve power. The Celluon PicoPro also comes with a carrying soft case for protection when on the go and a diminutive stand that works like a small tripod for hands-free use.