Optimize Your Online Time With Keyboard Shortcuts

Save precious time and effort by optimizing your computer usage skills. Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that will save you time online:

Pressing and holding down your control key, and then the “F” key, will bring up the `find` function. This is really useful when you’re searching for some text on a web page, or trying to find a particular e-mail. This shortcut also works in Word documents.

Control plus “N” will open up a new window. Excellent when reading e-mails and you need to visit some other link without exiting your e-mail program. Or you need to open two e-mails in the same account at the same time, or compose a reply with the e-mail open in front of you.

Pressing shift while you click on a link will open that link in a new window. This is good when you need to visit another site but don’t want to leave the current site.

Pressing your ALT key plus the left arrow key lets you to move to the last page you visited on the web. ALT plus your right arrow key lets you to move forward through websites you’ve visited.