Selecting A Quality Domain Name For Your Business

As easy as it might sound, depending on your business, choosing the right domain name for your business can be a very difficult task.

There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a proper domain name for your business.

Related to your business
First off you should have a domain name that reflects what your business is, does, or is about.

What I mean is, if you own a business related to toys have the word toys in the domain name or let’s say computers maybe incorporate the word pc or computer in to the domain name like…

Keep it simple
This is one of the most important factors of choosing a domain name. For example This way when people either see it on the side of the road or just coming across it on the Internet they will lock it in their heads very quickly.

It also makes things easier when people try to refer you to another person. They can just say something along the lines like “Hey I found this website called that can remove some of the toughest and nastiest infections that you can catch around.”

Stick with letters and “.com”
Try not to set your business domain up with any numbers, if possible. Many people like to add numbers in their domain name. This can be a very bad idea since when people are being told the web address to go to, they tend to spell everything out.

For example many people would think Avoid using dashes or underscores, too.

Yes it is very easy to say “check out my website pc dash” but it is also even simpler to tell them to go to

You’ll also find there are a number of top-level domains. The top-level domain is the part after the period in the domain name, such as “.com.”

There are hundreds of top-level domains, such as “.net,” “.org,” “.biz” and so on. None of those have the staying power or the ability to be memorized that “.com” does. Having a “.com” domain name also adds credibility to your business.

Keywords are very important and every search engine uses words that the owner specifies from their website and allows the search engine to have the public use that to find your business.

Some search engines will use the words in the domain name as a keyword so that if you are a business that does computer repair you might want to use which has a keyword computer and repair right in the domain.

Another thing people do not look in to when choosing a good domain name is that if you’re infringing on a trademark of someone else’s business. This could lead to you losing your business.

Be sure to take a look at to make sure you are not infringing.

The best things you can do when looking for a great domain name for your business is to make a list of about ten to twenty domain names and organize them from the best to the worst that you can think of. Start from the best and check them for availability. You will be surprised that fifty percent of them will be taken. This helps so that you actually sit down and think about what is best for your business.